What Is The Best Online Business To Start?

online business to start

Every time I’m asked about which top online businesses to start working with, I always say Empower Network. But what if you’re already in with them and are looking for another online business to start adding income streams to your business? What’s my answer then? I have a few, but first I’m going to lay the doubters of Empower to rest. It’s quite annoying continually listening to how Empower are a bunch of rip-off artists, all they want is your money, and how saturated they are. Before I continue I’d like to say that if you passed on Empower because you think the’re always trying to sell you something,  because they only want your money just close this window. You have it all figured out about marketing and the business of making money obviously. Take that attitude and go talk to SFI or Penny Matrix. For the rest of you that know you’re really only against Empower because you just don’t know much about them and following the community that favors the copycats is easier than researching, you might be surprised who started all the things you’re “new” business offers. That’s right 100% commissions was Empower’s and the one thing nobody else has been able to do is duplicate the structure they created for it.

Hands Down This Is The Online Business To Start Immediately

I would advise that when you’re finished reading this post, if you’re not in Empower head over to *HERE* and join us. If it is after Oct. 11 2013 that you’re reading this, and the link provided doesn’t work, contact me directly form the contact tab towards the top of this site. At the time of this post, Empower Network is in pre launch of their new bogging platform and conversion to mobile. Once we’re launched and the new links are ready I will rework the necessary dead ones. Until then feel free to contact me over any social site, emal, or comments to this blog and I will assist in any way I can.

Ok, but why is Empower Network one of the top online businesses to start?

Why aren’t they? Look, I’m not one of these people who live, sleep, eat, breathe, s_ _ t, sleep with, and laud every single solitary aspect of their business. Yes, they have good tech/other support. Absolutely, the founders (Dave Sharpe and Dave Wood) are two of the most personable and ethical business people I’ve met to date. Do they have everything a newcomer needs to make it in this industry? No. Are you going to see results like Tracey, Tony, or Lawrence? Not unless you’re coming in with a monster list and good knowledge of internet marketing. Can anyone make money in Empower? Most certainly. Maybe you have a business already and you don’t need an online business to start. Don’t use them as a platform to leverage for money. Empower Network sells products, quite unlike a lot of opportunities you run across that sell people as numbers beneath you that just pay to be there. Empower has a blogging platform with amazing authority. Blog about your current business and you have a cheap traffic source tha’s also generating authoritative backlinks to your business’ website. We all know that means higher ranking for you, and in turn an increase in the best traffic of all, free organic search! Further along the product line, Dave & Dave offer amazing audio recordings from their weekly conference calls. The audio has some of the best tips,tricks, and tactics from the highest earning marketers alive in the industry today. As an affiliate, the $100/mo price tag is a must have. At 100% commission you always need one sale to pay for your product for that month. The one-time charge products like the $500 Costa Rican Intensive are pure profit after the first one you sell.

So they pay full commission and selling isn’t required, how is that tops?

How isn’t it? Keep all of what you sell or just be in the presence of millionaire industry leaders while exploding your real business. Does any other program out there work like that? I have only seen platforms that beg to be sold for the sake of signing people up. The “products” they sell never seem quite enough like products with any real worth. I’m actually going to go over one that I leverage later in this post that doesn’t really sell you a product per se yet still gets a better response then Empower. Most of that is because they see the front end videos at EN and realize they need to invest money. Not only that they have to work? Really? The nerve of asking someone to one: pay for a product; two: pay a little more to cover a small part of the exorbitant fees of the payment processor if you want to be an affiliate; and three: take a look at what else your company offers. Can you believe that? I mean really a business trying to cover angles for you, make things easier to make money with, and thinking you might be interested in other things they offer. I mean do you have to go to the grocery store and see price increases across the board by .30 or.40 cents after they put in those automatic registers? They certainly never put expensive patio furniture or big name grills by the door to say “Look we’re not just food”. Imagine a business online that wouldn’t do business like a brick and mortar. If you read my content, know me, or can read between the lines you know I’m being facetious. Most of the naysayers that think all EN wants is your money don’t understand that they just want you to know everything that is available and the importance that if you don’t have it, others will make your commission.That’s what makes Empower Network the most ethical, reputable, and easiest to use online business to start. They give you all the information about their company, show you the most effective way to use their products to make money, speak with you once a week about their business and plans moving forward, and have a community of people that treat each other as one unit.

The Other Top Online Businesses To Start Today

The cheapest online business to start initially, that offers the best for it’s members, is DCSX.  Dotcom Secrets X is a traffic generation training course created by Russell Brunson, It is a 90 day course charged at $97/mo. Your first month is $1 which is donated to Make-A-Wish foundation. That was actually the driving force that made this one, the online business to start with for me.  I will say that had I a clearer understanding of the industry, and known at the outset what it actually was, I might have waited. Since I stopped their training (I remain an affiliate) I’ve become a better marketer and was able to learn to generate traffic in a much more targeted way. That being said, I still recommend this program for new people who know nothing and aren’t comfortable yet with having an individual “teacher” like Empower is supposed to be run. As a side note, Empower has a sponsor system wherein new members should be called and mentored to success. Rarely is it followed correctly or at all, helping tarnish a good name. I enjoyed DCSX daily training system. Every 7 days, another weeks worth of videos are unlocked. This helps because a lot of newcomers try to do too much. They think it’s a race to make money by the 30th day. That’s partly because of the way the program is advertised as a 30 day challenge to make money online.  New people also sometimes don’t fully realize that if they do get a sign-up, they need to wait until the 31st day to see that commission (50%). In order to make back one month of the training you need 2 sign-ups who stay past 30 days.All the pieces are there in DCSX to really help get prime exposure to your site and Russell Brunson over delivers on all fronts due to phenomenal market research. Although the newcomers are attracted to the $1 price tag, they unknowingly stumble into increasingly bigger charges to follow the directions exactly. Paid traffic is the main theme and does build big lists (perfect for the type of marketing taught), I wasn’t comfortable treating people solely as a number so for me, I chose another route but stand by my earlier statement that without this program I wouldn’t have the understanding or faith I have in this industry today. That’s why this was one of the three  I selected as one of the top online businesses to start.

Your customers flow easily from here

The last online business to start if you want to get moving quickly is My Lead System Pro            (MLSP). As the name implies, this will have fresh leads coming in to your business daily. Understand it’s not an automatic service, and yes you can make commissions as an affiliate. Unlike in Empower you cannot make 100% commission unless you upgrade to the Mastery Level ($150/mo). However, also unlike Empower once you’re eligible for 100% commissions you earn them on every ticket item owned or not. This is one of the top online businesses to start if you want to learn to generate leads to your business quickly, thereby increasing the amount of people you can reach and translating that into sales. Some people use this and this alone to make life changing income due to the sheer volume of resources made available. Especially at the Mastery Level where you pick up 100% of every sale, the tools are meant to kick start you and make yours the next online business to start. They give you everything from squeeze pages, to Twitted swipes. You just can’t go wrong. As if having the world in one place isn’t enough, in true top notch business fashion, they way over deliver and let you set up your own business inside of MLSP to directly market it to your fresh leads. Autoresponder campaigns, weekly webinars, sponsor driven, hosting, and the list goes on. There’s nothing about the $150/mo Mastery Level that isn’t worth the price tag in and of itself, let alone everything else they seem to continually throw at you. The only drawback, and it’s only if you don’t take the time, is the length of training to understand what you have and exactly how to use it. While I stand by Empower as the best online business to start, MLSP is standing right next to them as one of the top online businesses to start if you want to succeed.

There You have It

I hope you’re able to come away from this post with a good understanding of the three networks I feel are the top online businesses to start with. Take everything into consideration and go with the one that fits your needs. If all you’re lacking is knowledge of traffic go with DCSX, just be prepared to have a little cash set aside if you want the best results. Should you know how to get your framework set up but just can’t seem to generate leads to it then MLSP is the choice you want to make. Now if you want to go somewhere that brings you into a family, gives you fantastic advantages if you go in trustingly (they are crazy ethical), and can follow the core principles they set then Empower Network will bring you as far as you want to be taken. If you’re still unsure you can connect with me by subscribing to my youtube channel *HERE* , adding me on Facebook *HERE* , or subscribing to my email list *HERE*. You really can’t go wrong having these three top online businesses to start choose from.

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